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Dr. Keshia Abraham is a 750hour Kripalu certified Ayurevedic yoga specialist originally certified as a Hatha yoga instructor at Synergy Yoga over 10 years ago. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature with concentrations in African and African diasporic women’s literature, popular education and women’s studies. Her work in International Education, specifically Education Abroad, has strengthened and given direction to her work at an Historically Black University as Dean of Arts and Sciences and Chair of Humanities. She is passionate about global citizenship, spirituality and natural wellness.



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by way of an introduction…

Soul Wisdom International embraces the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and personalizes it with the intention of fostering deeper self-love. I use my whole lived experience and knowledge of international traditional spiritual systems to enhance the lens through which I understand and share this wisdom.

A conscious kapha predominant being myself, I am excited to have a platform to share insights about the sweetness of earth and water in all of us… stay tuned…