Seeing beauty in the world…

Ayurveda has enhanced the way I see beauty in the world. Everything I already cherished, became even more beautiful as soon as I gained an understanding that everything has it’s own true nature, it’s own sense of size, proportion, and movement. When we study the doshas we start with an understanding of their qualities.  Seeing the nature of earth and water combined in a physique allows an appreciation for a solid frame with curves and fleshiness as natural, perfect in and of itself.  This body has it’s own innate beauty.  It will never be the same as the physique made up of air and ether which by its very nature has little to no substance.  The thick boned body, capable of withstanding weight, innately juicy, soft, supple-skinned, warm complected, with luscious hair and strong, and sturdy teeth, may not have a metabolism as quick as the body type ruled by fire and water and this too is more than okay.  It is as it is.  And in this being, in this truth of nature, there is profound beauty.

Furthermore, understanding the qualities of air as mobile makes it easier to appreciate the nature of things changing, seeing that the quality of fire is to spread, and that the quality of earth combined with water produces stickiness may seem totally logical, but when we apply these same qualities to how we think, how our bodies and minds digest, a whole new perspective enters. If the quality of water and earth is stickiness, it would naturally be harder for someone with this disposition to loose weight than someone with a predominant amount of air with all of the movement that brings. Notice, kapha dosha, the one made up of earth and water has no air in it naturally which means all of the things that would move this disposition would have to be introduced, added, or encountered in some way. The dosha with fire burns… through everything – food, ideas, emotions – everything – and fire combined with water would naturally spread needing earth to be added to it to slow it down, bring it to a place of manageability.  From this perspective we have the capacity to adjust what, how and when we eat (in terms of foods, ideas, and energies) to achieve ultimate balance based on who we are and what elements are most prevalent in us individually.  There really is freedom in loving the individual skin you are in, just as it is.  When we gain an appreciation for things as they are, celebrating the true nature of things because they are what and how they are, freedom and the ability to love freely enters.  To me this is what embracing your kapha(ness) and celebrating true, unconditional self-love is all about.





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