the dosha test

Let’s start with some basics… there is an ever-increasing amount of information being shared about the basic aspects of Ayurveda. You can easily access “find your dosha” tests  online that help people gain a basic understanding of which doshas (elemental composition) are predominant either at birth (Prakriti) or at the present moment (vikriti). Two such tests which I really like and have frequently uses are: and

Each of these dosha quizzes provide useful information. The second quiz, by includes free detailed analysis and wonderfully informative newsletters about ayurveda and general wellness information.

If you are a person of color you might have been slightly stumped when you got to questions about complexion and hair texture as all of the dosha tests currently available are designed from a Western Eurocentric framework. (Soul Wisdom International is in the process of changing this!!!) Just use the closest fit that makes sense for now and know that this is one of the primary reasons why I am here, and doing this work.

Okay, so now you have your test results… Now what? How do you use this information and what is it really telling you? What I’m not sure people realize is that we all have all five doshas in and around us – just different amounts of each. In fact everything living has some relationship to these five base elements – vata: ether(space) and air; Pitta: fire and water; and Kapha: earth and water. These show up to different degrees, at varying moments in all people, animals, plants, spaces, etc. I’m simplifying here because there’s so much that can be said about just this part that many people don’t go further to think about how we live with these elements and how they function socially.

by way of an introduction…

Soul Wisdom International embraces the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and personalizes it with the intention of fostering deeper self-love. I use my whole lived experience and knowledge of international traditional spiritual systems to enhance the lens through which I understand and share this wisdom.

A conscious kapha predominant being myself, I am excited to have a platform to share insights about the sweetness of earth and water in all of us… stay tuned…